A Student Referendum on a Fossil Free ANU!

Short Version

“Should ANU stop investing in fossil fuels which drive dangerous climate change?”

Ian Young is still unsure if ANU is ready for real climate leadership — so lets ask ANU’s biggest stakeholders: the students!

How? A referendum at the ANUSA elections! To do that, we need your support:
1) Sign the petition — We will need your signatures on paper to show we have the student support to call a referendum.
2) Come to the ANUSA Meeting at 12pm NEXT WED in Union Court and vote for the motion. (There will be free food)
 3) Vote YES in the referendum at the elections 25-29 August!

Boring Long Version

Opportunity: ANU is home to a nation-leading student campaign calling for ANU to stop investing in the fossil fuels that are wrecking out climate. Divesting is a powerful way to withdraw political support for damaging industries. And it’s got big name support – 13 universities have already divested, including Stanford, as well as many cities, religious groups, and foundations, such as the World Council of Churches and the British Medical Association. 
After a long fight, Ian Young and the ANU administration will be deliberating over the coming months whether ANU will finally show leadership and divest from damaging fossil fuels, or whether it will continue to invest in an industry that is causing dangerous climate change.  As they make this final decision, now is the time to show them the strong support for being first in Australia to go fossil free. 
Problem: The best way to give everyone a say is by calling a referendum. When students go to vote at the ANUSA elections, they should also vote on whether ANU should divest from fossil fuels. The problem is, ANUSA’s constitution mentions referenda but it doesn’t say how to call one. So we need your help.
Step 1. To fix this, we need to pass a motion at the upcoming ANUSA OGM, 12pm in Union Court, Wednesday, amending the election regulations to allow us to call a referendum to be called. We’ve replicated the text from Melbourne University’s constitution which is consistent across many student association constitutions in Australia. ANUSA appears to be the exception here, rather than the rule, so our amendment will really just bring our constitution into line. 
To get the amendment to stick, we need you to turn up, preferably with friends, to vote for it. There will be free food and you’ll also learn about what’s going on around campus.
Step 2. The amendment will allow a referendum to be called by a petition of 1% of students. That’s why we asked you to sign the petition.
Step 3. Don’t vote for us, vote for your future — in the ANUSA elections, vote YES for a Fossil Free ANU!

Motion for ANUSA OGM

Motion to amend Electoral Regulations to allow a referendum.

1) Noting ANUSA members wish to hold a student referendum on the issue of fossil fuel divestment at ANU, to be held at the same time as the 2014 General ANUSA election;

2) Noting that ANUSA’s constitution contains provisions about conducting a referendum of its members, but does not contain provisions for calling a referendum;

3) That ANUSA amend the “Electoral Regulations” in the “ANUSA Constitution and Regulations” to insert at the end of the regulation, a new subsection 6.7 Calling of Referenda, to read:

6.7 Calling of Referenda

6.7.1 The General Secretary must call a Referendum if:

(a) the Students’ Representative Council directs that one be held by a vote approved by more than half of all its voting Representatives; or

(b) at least one per cent of members of the Association request in writing or by email that one be held. This petition must include the name, student identification number and signature of each member so signing it. Each page of the petition of initiation shall include the full text of the referendum motion.

6.7.2 The Secretary must issue the notice for a referendum at least five academic days before the referendum is held. The notice must specify the time, date and venue of the referendum and must be displayed on:

a) The front door of the Association offices;

b) Notice boards within the union building; and

c) The website of the Association.

6.7.3 The date notified for the commencement of a Referendum must not be later than the twenty-first day after the date on which the direction is made or the required number of requests has been received by the Secretary.

4) After the first time a referendum is called under this provision, ANUSA will conduct a review of referenda procedure.


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