How will you vote?

Dear Friends,

By the end of the year, ANU Council has a choice to make. Are they ready to lead on climate change and stop investing in fossil fuels?

While Council deliberates, this week it’s time for ANU students to make their choice. In the first ANUSA referendum on record, the ballot paper will ask students this question:

“Should ANU stop investing in fossil fuels, such as coal and coal seam gas, which are the main causes of climate change and associated social injury?”

Join us by pledging to Vote YES!

  • WHAT: ANUSA fossil fuel referendum, part of the election
  • WHERE: Union Court
  • WHEN: This week, 10-4:30, Mon-Thurs 24-28 Aug
  • (Law School on Wednesday morning)

Whatever you think about student politics, in the referendum you can vote for something big: ANU’s leadership on your future and the future of this planet. What’s more, we have the support of every presidential candidate and their tickets.

Fling, Connect, Fetch and Student House Party — and BOB BROWN! – all say Vote YES!
Will you?

ANU Council is currently trying to work out if fossil fuels cause “substantial social injury” (hint: yes!). If so, their own investment policy says they must divest. This week ANU students will voice their own opinion. A big turn-out and a resounding YES will send a powerful message.

It’s hard to imagine why it would be a hard question. This industry plans to break the way the planet works, on which our civilisation depends. If they get their way, things will get really dangerous even before ANU students retire. Surely ANU must take a stand?

The answer is clear. Help us send a strong message by pledging to Vote YES

Or if you are an academic, please join other academics in publicising the referendum to your students.

With hope,

From Tom and the crew at Fossil Free ANU.

PS there was one presidential candidate who refused to support the campaign. Can you believe it, they’re called Students Dig Coal. But everyone else says: YES!


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