Orange Square 503x161

Divestment movements around the world have chosen to adopt the colour orange to represent their cause. As Sachie Hopkins Hayakawa, Sally Bunner, and Lauren Ressler, attendees of the PowerUp! Convergence at Swarthmore College, write:

We have chose the color orange, rather than green, to reframe our movement’s scope as much larger than an environmental issue. This is not a single-issue movement. This is a space where environmental justice, climate justice, and economic justice have come into contact.

Square pieces of fabric have also emerged as icons of solidarity with student movements worldwide. The red square, which featured prominently during the Quebec student movement in 2012, is a clever play on the phrase carrément dans le rouge (“squarely in the red”), and represents the increasing debt burdens that students must carry.

In adopting the symbol of the orange square, Fossil Free ANU acknowledges the incredible threat that climate change poses to life on this planet, and is committed to lobbying the government, our university and community groups to divest from fossil fuels. As a group of students also concerned with issues of social justice , we wear the orange square with pride and in solidarity with student groups the world over.